about me

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Hello! I created this site because I love to write and tell stories, and I enjoy encouraging people to look for God, always. Because he’s there, always. I write and speak about how God has shown up for me and how he wants to show up for you. I’ve asked hard questions and found some answers but always found that God is who he says he is, no matter what. He’s saved me from trying to earn my worth and proved he’s worth everything I’ve got.

On this site, you can expect posts that invite you to think, feel and act like someone who is loved by God and has a purpose, because you are, and you do.

It’s no secret to those who know me that I also love to laugh until it hurts, so, you can expect humor to show up as well. In fact, over time, you’ll be able to find all sorts of attempts at comedy and whimsical storytelling under the tag ‘the lighter side.’

You can browse my writing here. I enjoy writing for other sites and publications too. You can request me as guest author or contributor and as a speaker for special events.

On a personal note, here are a few everyday details about me: I enjoy walking around Lake Carolyn near my home outside of Dallas, and I also really appreciate getting away to mountain and seaside views. I love Tex-Mex food so much that eating salsa like it’s ice cream is normal. And bacon, well, bacon is just good at any time on any day with any food, or all by itself. Finding things to laugh at is a favorite past time, and good conversation with friends about life, faith, books and podcasts while drinking Chai tea is an ideal afternoon, if you ask me.

I’m glad you stopped by my site and hope to see you again soon! Feel free to contact me through the site.